•   Praise from Dot!  
      • Dot Gillis & her husband Randy have been coming to KB Trails for years from Calgary. They are from the Miramachi, New Brunswick many years past. Now permanent fixtures at KB Trails, living in the Little Brown cabin since October 2007. Often Dot helps us out with bookings, decorating, cleaning, tending fires & dog sitting while we are on faraway travels. When she was a guest here she loved to make entries in the cabin journals. Reading through one of our cabin journals, this is a sample of what she has to say after staying at Paradise Inn on several occasions:

    “I love it here…Outside on the deck is gorgeous…It’s the ultimate cabin yet…”  

      • April, 2003

    “What can I say- we sure can’t get enough of this peaceful paradise… We love it here!…back to the simple quiet life” 

      • June, 2003,

    “Here we are again. What can I say, this is paradise! This is my favorite cabin to come too. Mars was easily seen here. Last night was really clear, the stars were exceptionally abundant. Too bad we have no telescope. What a place to stargaze…” 

      • August, 2003

    “What can I say that hasn’t been said before. What a place to spend Christmas, I think it was the best yet! I was getting worried about the turkey but everything went right…Thanks for making a Christmas to remember”  

      • December, 2003

    “Guess who? As I’ve said many times…I can’t get enough of this quiet! Full moon tonight- the stars are glistening, fires crackling, what a life! K & B & Wilson came over for supper, stayed awhile and visited…Thanks again for a great weekend” 

      • March, 2004

    “Hello again. What can I say Paradis is paradise! We love it here, when the sun is out, that deck is too die for…sat in the sun doing crossword puzzles…Even though it was minus 11, the front of the cabin was heaven, no coat was  needed as I watched the sunset…Karen, Bob & Wilson are great people and it was wonderful spending Christmas with them. Lots of good eating and good company…Karen & Bob were over last night, they were sleighriding in the moonlight…the moon has been really bright and lights up the cabin at night. I love this cabin because you can lie in bed and look out at the stars…”

      •  December, 2004

    “We’re back. Just set out for a drive to Rocky to check out jobs, enough is enough, time to seriously get out of the rat race in Calgary…when we are up here, the want of all this quiet and beauty is overwhelming…what’s holding us…I grew up in the country & hated it, now I want to be back in the country…Came unprepared to stay, no food, bedding, clothes, nothing & we ended up staying 2 nights. I’m’sure anyone who comes here can relate. The weather is fantastic and this deck is the best” 

      • March, 2005

    “Hi, we’re back to my favorite place… Five glorious days, still not enough! Ha! Ha!…We spent alot of time with K & B, they’d cook, I’d cook. It was great, great food, great friends, great time as usual…” 

      • May, 2005

    “Hello, Hello, another Christmas with the Brinkmans…the turkey only took 3 hours to cook…that old stove works miracles. Fantastic meal! 

      • December, 2005

    “Spent a few quiet days just relaxing & enjoying the quiet, peaceful, totally no stress atmosphere. It was an unexpected visit but totally welcomed. Alas it goes too quickly. Caught a few rays, read a bit, walked a bit, slept fantastic! Until next time…” 

      • June. 2006
  •   What Others are Saying about Drifters Camp  
      • A sampling of Drifter’s [formerly known as the Westside Cabin] journal entries to get you started:
      • Aug 15, 2004

    “A wonderful relaxing weekend. Having no electricity takes me back to me childhood days on the ranch. We’ll be back.”
    L & G, St. Albert, AB


      • Aug 17, 2004

    Wonderful! Best cabin I have ever stayed in, it brought me back to times I spent with my parents as a child. The mule deer & a coyote next to the cabin was priceless. Hope to be back next year. My 2 yr old loved it!”

      • J & C, Edmonton, AB
      • June 12, 2005

    We had a blast coming here again-even if it rained alot! We had an awesome fire on tho. Played games…I love it here. The sounds of the animals (birds, cows, chipmunks, squirrels etc). Incredible. The scenery is beautiful & it is so peaceful here. A nice change from Calgary. We will be back for sure! Thanks for the hospitality & for sharing your spot with everyone Karen & Bob”

      • A & D, Calgary, AB
      • July 17, 2005

    ” Thanks Bob & Karen for a wonderful time-AGAIN! This is the 3rd cabin we have stayed in now & have loved every one of them. It’s always great to get away from the big city”

      • D.A, C.B, T.C, B.T, Alberta
      • August 1, 2005

    “stars…shimmering leaves…a deer…a campfire…peaceful sleep…heaven”

      • H & J, Alberta
      • November 4, 2005

    “Thanks Bob for the visit last night-nice to put a face to the name. Dad & I spent the first night here alone- catching up on old times. Two buddies came the second night- drank a beer or three. Lots of deer sign. Cabin was great. Hope we left it clean for ya. See you soon.”

      • C.B & B.B, NFLD; G.K, Carstairs, AB; K.M, South Africa
      • Feb 20, 2006

    “Thanks again for sharing the beauty & grace that God blessed you with. We needed a mini-holiday & that is what we did. Just sit, relax, meditate & count our blessings”

      • B & M, Calgary, AB
      • June 4, 2006

    “First time here, had a blast! Walked down to Mud Creek, had to step in of course. Kids had a hoot! Ok so did the big kids. The river is so beautiful & peaceful. Will be coming out again this way. Was great to get away from the city & enjoy nature!!” 

      • K, L, A & M, Alberta
      • June 11, 2006

    “We came for a family get away to reconnect with all the aunts, uncles, cousins, & grandma. As lives tend to be so busy, this was such a quiet, peaceful and spiritual place to be together. The kids were awesome ‘pioneers’ and I even learned how to chop wood. We had such an amazing time”

      • T, C, M, & P, B ; Alberta
      • From a younger voice June 11, 2006

    ‘” had a great time hiking. We made anukshuk by the river. When we came back we went to my cousin’s cabin. I got to feed the horses. I loved this trip.”

      • M.B
      • July 23, 2006

    ” Thanks again Karen & Bob. Always enjoy our stay. Some very hot days but enjoyed a dip in the Clearwater River. Till we meet again.”

      • J & D, V.; Red Deer, Alberta
      • February 19, 2007

    ” Thanks for the awesome weekend, it was quiet & peaceful, nice to getaway from the city every once and while. It was nice to relax away from everything. I will be back again soon. Perhaps for the summer.”

      • C.C from NFLD but living in Calgary, AB
      • April 8, 2007

    Hi Karen & Bob, Thank you so much for the welcoming fire in the cabin when we arrived. A thoughtful gesture from thoughtful people. The weather man promised warm temps but obviously Mother Nature forgot to turn the radio on- Ha-Ha”

      • R & A, A.; Didsbury, Alberta
      • August 15, 2008

    “Had a fantastic 5 days here & enjoyed the peace & quiet from the frenzied city life. The UFO lights were an extra reminder that we are not alone in this universe & that we should never be afraid of different things. We will be back for peaceful times & other strange surprises in the woods”

      • K, Z, M, K, & K
  •   A friend Lauly Holmes comments on Drifters Camp  
      • July 8, 2006

    “Perfect place to get away from the hazzles & buzzles of city. This is our first stay at this cabin. Brought me back in time on the island where I grew up as a child- no electricity- no running water. Life was so simple then but full of fun. No cable television, but we spent so many great times outdoors, playing, building forts, and playhouses. ‘Drifters’ gives you that experience all over again. My daughter has so much fun playing outside with her dog and picking up rocks, flowers, we made a bouquet. She didn’t even miss her TV shows, matter of fact she wants to live here for good…we fed the horses, collected more leaves & flowers, checked different kinds of mushrooms & animal tracks. Came back to cabin and started a fire. Had hotdogs for supper. Then it rained. Must have rained all night. Monday morning was wet & misty. Stayed in bed till 10:00. Well, time goes by so fast. It’s time to pack & go back to the little city. Thanks KB Trails. We had a great time. Till next time.”

      • Sundre, Alberta
      • November 11, 2006

    “Lots of snow here!! Here we are again at the little cottage in the west woods. This time we brought ‘Papa Bear’. It’s only 9:30 pm & both papa bear & baby bear are snoring the night away. It’s got something to do with the total peace & quiet all around…it’s been a long time since I read & write by candle light.. I find it so peaceful & relaxing ‘ except for this pen. its starting to annoy me’. Cabin looks nice & clean, cozy too. I started a fire soon as we got here around 6 pm- then went to Karen & Bob’s for supper [missing her alot- hope she’s having a great time in Africa] – came back 3 hours later- the cabin nice & warm. There seems to be more snow this time around here but I love it. Can’t wait to go down to the river for a walk tomorrow…Woke up early. weather’s cold but scenery is spectacular! Postcard picture perfect. Feels more like Christmas- white powdery snow on the ground-some clinging on leaves & branches on the trees! Everywhere sparkles! “

  •   Journal Entries from Paradis Inn  
      • Sept 2006
      • Thank you again Karen, Bob & Wilson for sharing this treasure with us. Our first time at Paradis after many stays at Earls…we now have a better appreciation of each cabin’s gifts…The weather has been fabulous, the stars brilliant & the solitude perfect respite from our busy lives. We’ll be back again soon.

    T & T


      • June 2007
      • Hello! This has become our annual get away and we love it!…we spent the evening around the fire and the kids loved connecting with the horses, they even re-named them all! Having them experience a weekend with no electricity, running water, no tv, no phones, etc they are both more than wiling to give up the city life. Thanks so much for sharing your piece of “paradis” with us. I know we will be back next year.

    C, T, M, P; Leduc, AB


      • Aug 1, 2008 by T.L. Rocky Mountain House, AB
      • “Paradise Inn”
      • A calm surrounds this soul of mine
      • Asking me to gently let go of time
      • As it melts away worries & cares
      • That slipped into my suitcase, unaware.
      • A silence compells me to quietly listen
      • To watch the morning dew as it glistens
      • No reason to rush, no need to be on the go
      • Just let yourself relax- go with the calm flow.
      • Breathe deeply the smells of summertime air
      • Sit long enough to let the sun kiss your hair
      • Ask nothing of yourself, but to this one thing- be true
      • Let this “Paradise Inn” minister to your soul- to you!
      • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      • June 2009
      • Wow! Absolutely the best spot I have ever seen to just “be”. The sky, the trees, the creek and all the wildlife make it so easy to live in the moment, an art that I find I need to cultivate…enjoying the peace and solitude…love the swing too! A great place to sit, gaze and empty the mind.
      • E.R
      • Sept, 2009
      • Hats off to the Brinkman family. Your sanctuary in the woods is fantastic. An incredible break from the city life…Affordable to all, a short drive from the city, and all the peace & quiet anyone would want. We will be booking our next visit SOON.
      • V & D, Red Deer, AB
      • November, 2009
      • Our first stay at Paradis. I was told this was the most isolated cabin. I was so pleased to see the beauty of Mud Creek. We are already planning to come in the summer. Sunrise on the deck spectacular. We celebrated our anniversary & I can’t think of a place in the country I would rather be. What a true treasure your cabins have been in my life. Thank you for sharing what you have built. I think Paradis has now become my favorite.
      • T.D & M.D., Innisfail, AB
      • Feb, 2010
      • First timers here. SO glad we came. This is exactly what we have looked for in a getaway. Upon arriving we were immediately taken in by the beautiful, peaceful setting and the charm of your “Paradis Inn”. You certainly thought of everything. All the wonderful antiques and memorabilia spurred many conversations…Once we warmed up the cabin and set up house we wandered about the property and marveled at the scenery. I cannot tell you in enough words how at peace we feel here. We absolutey fell in love with this place…I actually took a nap something I rarely do. Using the gorgeous stove was a wonderful experience! I decided I want one for myself. We ate dinner, washed up outside & had a coffee while watching the sunset. We were visited by two nonchallant moose this evening as well.
      • J & L, Edmonton, AB
      • March, 2010
      • Dot & I decided to come over for a picnic on Friday, it was so nice out we decided to make a weekend of it. The weather was awesome.
      • Blue skies
      • Warm temps
      • Eagles flying high
      • Pups play
      • We read
      • Lifes so hard we sigh
      • Resting
      • Wishing
      • On a brightly lit sky
      • Sunning
      • Basking
      • Here we both lie
      • Home calls
      • Too soon
      • Till next time we cry!
      • Happy Trails

    Karen Brinkman, KB Trails


      • December 25, 2010
      • What a perfect end of the year for us in Canada before moving to middle east on Tuesday!! This place truly is “PARADIS-E” Love the firepit right on the deck. Love the cabin just the way it is but can’t wait to see any changes to it down the road. Our Christmas was the best old time traditional we’ve ever had- seigh rides, jingle bells, lots of fun, and turkey feast. Love it all!! Thank you Karen & Bob. 4 years will along time to wait to experience it all again.
      • Lauly & Darren Holmes, Soon to be Syrians
      • April, 2011
      • What does P-A-R-A-D-I-S-E mean?
      • 1. It means peace & contentment unlimited in Gods country
      • 2. It means thanking a God that gave Karen & Bob the initiative to build a little cabin in the woods and the generosity to share it with others
      • 3. It means giving you a place to wind down and reflect, find your inner self
      • 4. It means cowboy coffee that will jumpstart anyone’s morning
      • 5. Watching the sun go down by the warmth of the firepit
      • 6. Listening to the silence
      • 7. Thinking about people you love
      • 8. Capturing the beauty of these surroundings
      • T.L, Calgary, AB
      • May, 2011 A Dogs View
      • My “Owner” or as I like to call her my “pet with thumbs” would probably go on & on about how she needed a rest for her soul, time to thank God [ I just do that while I sniff things but hey each to their own!], silence and some other mush I don’t really understand. I must say it was a brilliant stroke of  genius on her part to leave the two, two legged pets [she calls them her kids?] and the 2 fluffy walking chew toys [ she calls them cats- whatever] at home and just bring me here. She says she’d like to bring the two, two legged pets next time but we’ll see. I happen to know how grouchy she gets about this time every year, and goes on and on about alone time. So I’m crossing my paws its just us…And that brings me to my story of why this is now my favorite place. You see we live in the city with a fenced yard-to small for me and every time I dig in the dirt I get into trouble [ people are weird, some dirt you can dig in, some you can’t- go figure]. I do go for walks on a leash and get driven to a park to run around but here…here she opens the door & says go- at first I look at her funny-like really but ya- no collar, no leash. The first thing I notice are the smells, a lot like camping but no people around. And you won’t believe this next bit- I chased squirrels, birds, frogs & bugs while I tramped through the water up to my belly and stomped and dug in the mud!! WOW! And my pet didn’t even care. She talked a bit about my bad hip but just gave me a pill and said go. I even wandered far enough away she couldn’t see me.  But who knows what kind of trouble she could get into, so since I love her I came back often to check on her. I still can’t figure out why she pees in a building- but hey-the things I smelled and peed on I’ll dream about for a year…The worst part of the weekend -she actually washed my legs & belly- something about keeping the cabin clean- people are strange. But let me tell you after all that running & sniffing, the washing was worth sitting by the fire on my warm dog bed, with a full belly. Life is good! So thank you Brinkmans for a wonderful place. My pet would like me to say sorry for any hair I left behind [really? you dont like my hair?] I saw her shaking rugs like a mad woman and mumbling something about bringing a “hokey” next time whatever that is. Next time I’m sure we both can’t wait, she said she’d love to move in for a year- take a sabbatical- honestly the words people use! Anyways I hope to be back every year for so much fun. Don’t change a thing. I have no idea why humans watch TV when there are so many squirrels in the world. God Bless, Many licks to you all
      • S & T.F, Reddeer, AB
      • August, 2011
      • Forever grateful for this much needed escape. Enjoyed sitting on the porch swing watching the panorama of the day pass before us… Great therapy! Thank you
      • L & M, Edmonton
      • October, 2011
      • Thank you for having me stay at this wonderful cabin. Reminds me of my grandma’s old place. This was exactly what I was looking for. Away from the stress of work & people. My dog enjoyed it as well…will be back…Loved it!
      • P.G, Kinuso, AB
      • January, 2012
      • Well our New Years Eve with the Brinkmans turned into a winter vacation at the Paradis retreat. After a long absence from this special place we really loved coming back. Brought our new “baby” Molly with us. She loved it too- stitches and all [damned barb wire!]. We enjoyed nights of serenade and dancing in the moonlight on the porch. Saw my first moose. Beautiful. Like John Denver says, Coming back is like finding a long lost friend, hey its good to be back home again! Thanks for everything Bob & Karen. We will be back for a time, again & again.
      D & C, H & M, Calgary, AB
      • Where is the dog?

        Alice Post has something to say…  

        • During 2014 Alice Post came for a visit to KB Trails with her significant other Steven. She mentioned that she had been here years before in Little Brown and wrote a poem in the journal. We went searching through old journals looking for her entry and found it dated August 1, 2001. Alice gave me permission to post her entry including the poem here. So glad we are that Alice found her way back to KB Trails. Many do!
        • “Karen & Bob,
        • Enjoyed my stay here very much and hope to come back again. Thanks so much for the warmth and hospitality. Here is a little poem to share some of our favourite KB Trails moments.”
        • Single file on the rain-soaked path
        • Winding carefully as sun peeks playfully
        • Friendly chatter in moments shared
        • Trail ride.
        • Drinking in sight, sound & smell
        • Fragrant clover-filled air
        • Distant layers of land inglorious, majestic light
        • Deep breath and horses trot.
        • Early morning quiet
        • Corridor of green life glistens
        • Wet with dew
        • Horses nicker and swish.
        • Hot sun streams down
        • Bees buzz busily
        • Butterflies flitter by and alight
        • Smiles of delight
        • Soft rainfall whispers
        • Sun streams through trees in rays
        • Golden lights glimmer
        • Sun through shower.
        • Wandering along familiar paths
        • Discovering tiny treasure hiding beneath serrated green
        • The sweetness of wild strawberries
        • Echoes childhood memories.
        • Campfire grows into flickering flame
        • Light & shadows dance
        • Melted marshmallows shared over glowing embers
        • The taste of memories.
        • Yip of coyotes
        • Dance in our minds
        • Late into the night
               Pippin??         Pippin??


  • See images below for cabin journal entries over the years