Clearwater River

  • Easy Access
  • Excellent fishing in the cold clear water
  • Seasonal fluctuation in water flow – the river is constantly changing
  • Brooks, Browns, Rockies and some cutthroats in lower areas
  • Brown Trout in excess of 30 inches have been caught

Mud Creek

  • Spectacular view
  • Easy Access; this creek runs through our property
  • Geese, Ducks and Loons nest here
  • Beavers
  • Deer
  • Moose

Area Lakes

  • Phyllis, Alfred, Swan, Mitchell, Strubel, Burnstick, Cow, Crimson, Peppers, Elk Creek Fish Pond
  • Bulrushes and water lilies make these lakes a scenic spot for canoeing
  • Geese, Grebes, Ducks and Loons nest here
  • Pike and Perch are common fish for these lakes
  • Beaver, Muskrat and Mink are common
  • Hikers can observe Mule Deer, Moose, Ruffled Grouse and Spruce Grouse – Point of interest for bird watchers is Birch Lake where Northern Orioles nest.

Corkscrew Mountain & Ram Falls Provincial Park

  • Karen’s favourite place for a day trip; its worth the drive!
  • Spectacular Views and Rugged Terrain
  • Golden Eagles may be seen soaring on the canyon air current in the fall
  • Merlins and American Kestrel fly south along the Eastern slopes of the Rockies
  • American Dippers, Dark Wren-like birds feed on insects in the rushing water
  • It is possible to see Elk, Grizzly and Black Bears, Bighorn Sheep, Whitetail Deer, Bald Eagles and Blue Herons all in the same day!

Bar JH Trail Rides

  • We’ve been friends of the Whitfords & riding this area since 1983. Its some of the best mountain riding a person can find and our favorite by far !!!
  • Located on the Hummingbird Creek just a couple of miles west of Ram River Provincial Park off the Forestry Trunk Road
  • Explore the Ram River and Ranger Creek valleys or head up into the Onion Lake area.
  • Rates $40 per day/ horse
  • Horses leave the corral after 9AM & must be back to the corral by 6PM or your wranglers get a little grumpy!
  • The owners- Judy & Del Whitford have been operating out of these mountains for nigh on 50 years & are now more famously referred to as the Hillbilly Girl & the Metis Cowboy as their trail riding venture expands into local story catching.  When you travel in our area look for their books volume 1-3, published by the Western Star
  • You can contact the Whitfords by leaving a message on their Caroline home phone 403-722-2419. During the summer when they are living in their mountain home where there is no phone access they collect messages once a week. They request a minimum of 2 weeks ahead to ensure reservations for their horses. If you happen to be in the Hummingbird area you can try dropping in at the corral to check horse availability