Date: (Saturday, January 7, 2012)

Mother Africa gifts a message on hope:

Hope is…

Learning to see with the heart

Letting go

Looking above, looking within

Exploring possibilities.

Believing the promise of forgiveness

Knowing we can only be human together Ubuntu

Meeting the people we need to help show us who we are

Remembering where we come from.

Playing a tune

Reflecting on the gifts in Nature

The Smoking Thunder


Hope is…

Understanding what living systems can teach us about living,

About dying

      Creating health by creating more connections

Paying attention, being aware


Hope is …

Taking time for the spirit within


Being present in the here & now.

Walking tall

Letting your light shine!


    Take heart, build hope.

     Hope is with our children

     Dignity comes from within.

     The changing light of day

     Gifts a shadow of things to come.


     Life wants to happen.

     And who’s to say what’s impossible…


    What inspires you?


Hope Is, © 2007 Karen Brinkman, Karing Stories. All rights reserved.