Date: (Friday, November 28, 2014)
Dead Man’s Gulch


It was a cold night.

And the moon was full.

An old man lost in his mind, his ancient wisdom driving him mad.

Wraps a blanket around himself & starts on a journey walking. Looking over his shoulder, a little afraid. Listening to the night sounds.


The great bear watches. From the willows, sniffing the foul odor of a two-legged beast. The bear’s golden shoulders ripple in the moonlight as he shakes his massive head. Slobbering drool. Hunger knaws in his belly. There is a meal close by.


The crazy old man shivers. From fear. From cold.

He climbs up the rocks. The path narrows. It’s harder now. HIs breath slows. His heart beat quiet. He feels the presence of danger. But he is tired and too weary to go on. His mind wanders confused as he stares into the face of the moon. The brightness of the full moon draws him in.


The bear comes closer sensing the old man’s end. And the end is near.

Face to face the bear and man stand. The old man cries out to the moon so scared he passes his water. His bowels loosen. Fear grabs his heart one last time. One last breath. Its done. Its over.


The great bear lets go a mighty roar as the old mans troubled spirit passes on. Its a rocky bed for this parting sleep. Bear drags the dead body into the soft moss. Buries it. Sleeps close to keep it safe. The strange two-legged spirit lingers, lost and settles down upon the bear. Warm here under the cold full moon. Now they will ride together.


The great bear spirit is strong and will take the strange one home to rest in the place we know as Dead Man’s Gulch. Here he will sleep well. It was a good day to die.



Written by Karen Brinkman

Performed by: Karen Brinkman, Nadine Wesson, Emily Spooner, Thomas Beauparlant, Heidi Morin 

July 21, 2010 Hummingbird Falls, Alberta, Canada