Date: (Thursday, December 29, 2011)
From the Red Centre of Australia comes this piece of magic…



The Python,

Rainbow serpent

visits in dreamtime

whispering in my ear.

Dreaming Uluru

Something old

Connecting to the centre

At the core

In sacred space

And many moods of Uluru.

Desert storm makes waves,

Tears from heaven

As Uluru cries

Sharing life.

The Build up.

Letting go.

Monsoons. Shedding old skin.

Where the tropic meets the desert.

On the Ghan.

Very hot. RED.

Camping under a million stars.

Contrasting coolness.

The heart. The soul. The centre.

Tonic for my spirit.

Spirit of the desert.


Birthing of the sun.

Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Water. Color. Dreamtime

Now and Forever.

Children of the Rainbow.

Hoping. Living.

Sharing culture.

Tjunguringkula waakaripai

Working Together.

Learning from each other.


As we come together

 tjunguringkula [Choong-orr-ing-koola].

All of us,

Nganana [ngan-arn-a].

Thank you.

Palya [Parl-ya]


           Karen Brinkman

                                                        October, 2007



Uluru Dreaming, © 2007 Karen Brinkman, Karing Stories. All rights reserved.