KB Trails Agreements

“Affordable Family Fun”

1. Relax & Rest
2. Laugh A lot & Enjoy
3. Play but be considerate of others
4. Be thankful & Appreciate your cabin
5. Be responsible for the energy you bring into this space
6. Respect the environment
7. Conserve your use of firewood
8. Please leave the cabin clean & tidy
9. If you agree to the above you are welcome to come again

A story worth reading:

“Can your dog vouch for you??”

A man wrote a letter to a hotel in a mid-west town he planned to visit on his vacation. “I would like very much to bring my dog with me. He is well groomed and very well behaved. Would you permit me to keep him in my room with me at night?” An immediate reply came from the hotel owner who said: “I have been operating this hotel for many years. In all that time, I have never had a dog steal towels, bed clothes or silverware or pictures off the wall. I have never had to evict a dog in the middle of the night for being drunk and disorderly. And I have never had a dog run out on his hotel bill! Yes Indeed your dog is welcome at our hotel. And if your dog will vouch for you, you are welcome to stay here too!!

Other useful “KB Trails” information to know:

NON SERVICED CABINS Paradis Inn & Drifters: Drinking WATER is available from tap behind our house; water jugs provided at cabin. Guest REST ROOM & SHOWER is CLOSED at this time due to pandemic of COVID-19.

HIKING TRAILS – to get to the Clearwater River take a left out of our driveway & follow the road until it ends ~ ½ mile. Here there is a trail that continues to the river. All the property on the right hand side of the road not fenced is part of the Caroline Natural Area and open for hiking. Additionally, KB Trails includes 316 acres of land with a variety of trails- please feel free to explore but close any gates you open as there are horses pastured throughout. These horses always seem to find an open gate to escape & play in the neighbors’ fields!! Needless to say, folks get a little cranky about this.

BARBECUE PROPANE is provided. If you run out & an extra bottle is NOT at the cabin- let us know as we try to keep extra bottles on hand. If we are not around, try looking in oil shed by the gas tanks in our yard. If none there, you may refill at Clearwater Trading & we will cover your costs.

• FIREWOOD – it’s free for now & we want to keep it that way so please use conservatively. This leads to the question what is conservative use? What it is not, is keeping a 24 hour bonfire in the fire-pit & burning a ½ ton load of wood over a weekend, in the middle of a warm summer month. Having said this, we want you to stay warm and enjoy having a fire. For the outdoor fire-pit please feel free to gather old wood lying around. We try to keep some old wood close to the pits for this purpose.

CLEAN UP. We expect guests to leave the cabin as they find it. Please sweep up floors, do your own dishes, tidy the beds, & place garbage in cans provided. This includes cigarette butts please. If we have to pick up butts or other stuff after our guests leave, this causes us distress. Thanks ahead of time especially to the many guests who leave the cabin better then they found it. We notice!!

PETS: Please clean up after your pets both inside & outside the cabin. The cabins are not meant to be used as kennels when you make day trips. Take your pets with you please when you are leaving for any reason. We ask that you keep your pets supervised at all times and OFF our neighbour’s property. Unfortunately, there have been increasing numbers of negative dog interactions with our neighbours. Please be attentive and show respect. You and your pets are guests in our community.


Earlier or later times are possible depending on availability.
Please arrange ahead of time

In case you need an ambulance our Land description number is
SE ¼ 5-37-6 W5

County Address: 64016, TWP Rd 37-0

• Rocky Hospital 403-845-3347 Rocky Medical Clinic 403-845-2815

Have a Great Stay & Happy Trails!!!
Karen, Bob & Wilson Brinkman

“May all who pass this way be blessed with joy, abundance & wellness”