Date: (Friday, November 28, 2014)

Marven Allen Wilson
September 2, 1940  ~  November 23, 2013 

Interred at Memory Gardens in the Garden of Devotion, Toronto, Ontario

I will not bore you with a formal review

To honour the life of Marven our dad

Some stories instead to share with you

And lighten the mood on days so sad.

Who was this guy named Marven Allen

More commonly known as Starvin Marven

A friendly giant with a big strong hand

Was a hairy beast…this bear of a man.

Marv loved the city, dad loved us and

He loved the farm, dad loved the land

Dad loved his dogs, his pigs and goats

His cows and horses, cars and boats.

Dad loved to drive big trucks and sleighs

A horse drawn buggy from olden days.

He loved the freedom driving brought

Went east and west adventures sought.

He loved the golf cart to wheel around

Marv loved teasing, being the clown.

On the porch Dad loved to chill

And shoot a wisecrack surely will.

Dad loved the water, swam like a whale

Long dives below that never failed

To shock us all how long he’d stay

Below the waves to search and play.

He loved to throw us in the air

We’d laugh and scream without a care

As fast as dad could toss them high

Kids came from all around to cry

Throw me, throw me, throw me, some more

The fun we had made story lore.

Swimming…laughing as we roll

Under sunny skies at the water hole.

Marv loved to camp in woods, at lakes

Camera in hand, the frames he takes

Roll after roll he snaps some more

To capture time on beach and shore,

In wild, on land and farming spaces

And lots of folks with crazy faces.

Some may not know, dad loved to bake

But famous to us for donuts and cake.

You know how Marven loved to eat

Fresh soft buns a favourite treat.

Dad loved his bread and peanut butter

And it made for us a tasty supper.

Marv loved the Leafs another crazy fan

Faithfully watching if he can.

Dad loved playing a game or two

With family or friends he cared not who.

Dad loved his movies; he’d share with a grin

Another western found in the bargain bin!

In search of a find at auction or sales

A gift passed to us girls that never fails

To seek for a treasure; the quest of the hunt

Hoping to find some precious junk.

Marv loved the Lord, his faith quiet and sound

Wherever he travelled, a church always found.

A bible or two would always lie

Beside his chair right by his side.

Lessons from Marv are many not few

Demanding the best from kids and crew

“You must behave and listen up

Do as I say and sharpen up.”

Dad faced the world with grace and smiles

When met with strife he pushed through miles

Marching on, he walked through pain

And taught us well what we might gain.

Marv made a home to give us roots

Down deep they grow as flower shoots

Reach to the heavens in the sky

Dad gave us wings so we could fly.

Lessons from Dad in time arrive

4 girls, 2 boys he taught to drive

“If your going to drive and drive you must

Change those tires when they bust.

I’ll tell you how but you must do

The work yourself. I’m proud of you”

Our thoughts of Dad always go

To a John Wayne cowboy show

No truer grit can any find

He’s our John Wayne, one of a kind.

A hero’s journey Marven made

As we lay Dad in his grave.

His spirit goes to the great beyond

And those Dad left sing sorrows song.

This mighty bear now rests in peace

His pains and toils finally cease

Amazing grace lifts hearts so sad


Let’s honour Marv …We loved you Dad!

Witten by Karen Brinkman, Karing Stories, Toronto, November 24, 2013