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I'm a story catcher it seems... so others tell me anyways...I've been looking for a venue to share some of these stories, ideas, essays, thoughts, inspirational nuggets etc. Our KB Trails website is one such way.

I have heard that a good story is only worth reading if it has something to teach us about ourselves.  Writing and sharing these stories with others has helped me to see life more clearly from the heart. My hope is these stories will be worth reading. I am honored in knowing you as together we travel on the most difficult of all journeys, from our heads to our hearts.

Using the words of Thomas King from his native narrative, The Truth About Stories:
“There is a story I know. It’s about the earth and how it floats in space on the back of a turtle. I’ve heard this story many times, and each time someone tells the story, it changes. Sometimes the change is simply in the voice of the story teller. Sometimes the change is in the details. Sometimes in the order of events. Others times it’s the dialogue or the response of the audience. But in all the tellings of all the tellers, the world never leaves the turtle’s back. And the turtle never swims away…The truth about stories is that that’s all we are. A storyteller tells us ‘Through my language I understand I am being spoken to. I’m not the one speaking. The words are coming from many tongues and mouths of people and the land around them. I am a listener to the language’s stories, and when my words form I am merely retelling the same stories in different patterns’…You’ll never believe what happened is always a good way to start”
So to move these stories of mine along
There is story I know & you'll never believe what happened is always a good way to start...
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A Tribute for Marven our Dad
Date: (Friday, November 28, 2014)
Marven Allen Wilson  September 2, 1940  ~  November 23, 2013  Interred at Memory Gardens in the Garden of Devotion, Toronto, Ontario  I will not bore you with a formal review To honour the life of Marven our dad Some stories instead to share with you And lighten the ... read more!

Dead Man's Gulch
Date: (Friday, November 28, 2014)
 Dead Man’s Gulch   It was a cold night. And the moon was full. An old man lost in his mind, his ancient wisdom driving him mad. Wraps a blanket around himself & starts on a journey walking. Looking over his shoulder, a little afraid. Listening to the night sounds.    The ... read more!

Mountain Lullaby
Date: (Friday, November 28, 2014)
Mountain Lullaby By: Karen Brinkman, June 9, 2009 Hummingbird Falls, Alberta Sparkling light on river moves As fluffy clouds roll by. Chirping squirrels tease friendly dogs And mountains frame our sky. Listen can I hear it,  The music in the sky. Listen I can hear it,  A mountain ... read more!

Date: (Tuesday, July 17, 2012)
In preparation for a women's leadership retreat in Cambridge, Minnesota on May long weekend this year, the Great Spirit gifted me these words: Dancing We come full circle again Spiralling In the constancy of change. Drumming softly A rippling song pulses Deep in the centre, Singing As the ... read more!

Mother Earth's Echo
Date: (Tuesday, July 17, 2012)
Spending early summer at our mountain camp at Hummingbird Falls, Alberta I find time to reflect on the greatness of Mother Earth and her many blessings. This song honors our Mother. Mother Earth’s Echo Sounds in the canyon. Hear her song? Her tune barely a whisper. Feel her caress? Gently ... read more!

Favorite Prayers Voiced by the Great Ones
Date: (Sunday, January 8, 2012)
Prayer for Strength, Healing & Hope   Oh, Great Spirit whose voice I hear in the winds Whose breath gives life to the world, hear me I come to you as one of your many children I am small and weak I need your strength & wisdom. Help me to remain calm & strong In the face of all ... read more!

Hope Is...
Date: (Saturday, January 7, 2012)
Mother Africa gifts a message on hope: Hope is… Learning to see with the heart Letting go Looking above, looking within Exploring possibilities. Believing the promise of forgiveness Knowing we can only be human together Ubuntu Meeting the people we need to help show us who we are Remembering ... read more!

Australian Dreaming
Date: (Thursday, December 29, 2011)
From the Red Centre of Australia comes this piece of magic... Uluru Dreaming The Python, Rainbow serpent visits in dreamtime whispering in my ear. Dreaming Uluru                               ... read more!

Romance & Wildies
Date: (Thursday, December 29, 2011)
From Hummingbird Falls, Alberta  comes this summery tale: Romance & Wildies Romance & Wildies Dance hand in hand Here’s hoping to tame A ride for the land. Dreaming of legends Future stories to sing Born in the wild Keen & willing. To learn & become A friend ... read more!

Lessons from the Iron Horse
Date: (Thursday, December 29, 2011)
Robert invited me to join him on a bike trip across the country in 2010. For those who know me well- this was a stretch far outside my comfort zone. Inspired by the writings of Ilan Shamir these lessons I share with you...   Lessons from the Iron Horse   ©           ... read more!

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